Fitler Square

Fitler Square is a public park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, bounded on the east by 23rd Street, on the west by 24th Street, on the north by Panama Street, and on the south by Pine Street. It is in the southwestern part of Philadelphia’s Center City on land owned by City of Philadelphia via the Department of Parks and Recreation. Fitler Square was named for late 19th century Philadelphia mayor Edwin Henry Fitler shortly after his death in 1896. The Square is cared for through a public private partnership between the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Fitler Square Improvement Association.

The name “Fitler Square” is also used to describe the neighborhood surrounding the square, bounded roughly by 21st Street on the east, the Schuylkill River on the west, Locust Street on the north, and South Street on the south. To the east of this neighborhood is the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood; to the west is the University City neighborhood, home to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University; to the south is Southwest Center City (also known as “South of South” or the “Graduate Hospital Area”). The portion of Center City surrounding Fitler Square and nearby Rittenhouse Square is sometimes referred to as “Rit-Fit” after the two parks. A second nickname, “Fittenhouse Square”, was coined by local comedian Niraj Shanbhag during the 1990s.

A sculpture of three turtles adorn the park made by well-known Philadelphia artist Eric Berg, as well as sculptures of a Grizzly Bear and a Ram. The center of the park is dominated by a Victorian-era fountain which flows most of the year. Prior to 2010 this fountain, like many in the City, flowed fresh water from the main directly into the sewer system. In 2010 the Fitler Square Improvement Association engaged a large project (approximately $40,000) funded by neighborhood donations and a $7,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to change the fountain into one that recirculates all of its water with a pumping system saving huge amounts of water each year.


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