Point Breeze

Point Breeze is a neighborhood in the South Philadelphia section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. It is generally bound by 25th Street to the west, Washington Avenue to the north, Broad Street to the east, and Mifflin Street to the south, although the sections between 18th Street and Broad Street are coming into their own neighborhood as Newbold. Southwest Center City lies to its north, and Passyunk Square lies to its east. Point Breeze is separated from Grays Ferry to the west by a CSX railway viaduct over 25th Street.

Point Breeze is home to several Philadelphia Mural Arts Program murals. In 1987 Keith Haring collaborated with CityKids a New York based youth organization to create a mural titled “We Are The Youth” located at 22nd and Ellsworth in Point Breeze. In 2013 the Mural Arts program restored the mural and a small community garden was built beneath it.

Residents are zoned to the School District of Philadelphia. There are 4 catchment areas in Point Breeze. Delaplaine McDaniel School K–8 (named after the Quaker merchant) at 22nd & Moore serves the westernmost catchment, Edwin M. Stanton School K-8 (named after the Secretary of War under Lincoln) at 17th & Christian serves the northernmost catchment and George W. Childs School K–8 (named after the publisher) at 16th & Wharton serves the easternmost catchment. All of the students in these three catchment areas are eligible to attend South Philadelphia High School. (Norris S. Barratt middle school was formerly the name of the school at 16th & Wharton but it closed in 2011 due to declining enrollment. The former George W. Childs elementary school built in 1894 at 17th & Tasker was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988 but was shuttered in 2010 and its fate remains uncertain.) The southernmost catchment of Point Breeze attends Stephen Girard School K–4 (named after the wealthy banker) at 18th & Snyder, Universal Institute Charter School at Vare 5–8 at 24th & Snyder and Universal Institute Charter School at Audenried 9-12 at 33rd & Tasker.

source: wikipedia.org

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