Vendors We Trust

Real Estate ServicesContractors

Amy DeVries 267.257.7947 PA + NJ
Chris Swartz at First Choice 610.766.7060 PA + NJ
Jeff Angelucci at Guaranteed Rate 267.245.8170 PA + NJ
Angela Tobin at Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors 610.935.1675 PA + NJ
Rob Wishnick at Guaranteed Rate 267.240.0692 PA + NJ
Dave Frankel at Guaranteed Rate 267.825.7857 PA + NJ

Michael Cellucci at Cellucci Foran Insurance, Inc 610.544.1908 PA
Susan Seal at Trident Insurance 484.431.58878 PA
Gary Lean at Prudential Financial 215.742.2600. PA
Home Inspections

Christian Radomicki at Titan Home Inspection 610.937.5490 PA
Eric Mills at E&E Inspect, LLC 215.606.7536 PA
Patrick Borkowski at APEX Inspections, Inc. 888.927.3944 PA
Reid Stever at Value Guard Home Inspections 215.860.3150 PA
US Inspect 888.874.6773 PA

Mark Shaw 888.604.4515 PA + NJ
Brian McGroarty at Core Title 856.366.8097 PA + NJ
Gina Bell Graham at Keystone Title Services 267.972.7119 PA + NJ
Michele Casale 412.727.2111 PA
Property Management

Settle Down Philadelphia 215.717.7432 PA
JG Real Estate 215.467.4100 PA

Tim Johnson at Johnson Surveying, Inc. 610.390.0968 PA, NJ, NY

Eagles G.C. 267.881.2013
OC Restorations 215.420.9525
Delaware County Green Building Cncl Green Contractor Database 215.399.5790
Mark Grimaldi – MCG Construction 215.380.1572
Scott Young Jr. 215.805.2345

Natalini Masonry 610.888.8448
Justin Leake at J&R Concrete LLC 267.266.5521

Bernard Pecora 215.271.1244 PA
Fred Nocella 215.416.6756 PA
John Anderson Roofing 215.338.5956 PA
Big Joe’s Roofing 267.310.7303 PA
Stucco Inspection

Advanced Mold Diagnostics 610.590.0380
STS Stucco Testing Specialists 610.994.0287

Generation 3 Electric 215.512.4102
Chuck Wright – CG Wiring 215.872.2004
Linde Electric 215.290.6122
James Nevin – Nevin Electric 215.460.4512

Bill Bierman at East Falls Plumbing and Heating 215.779.5731
Mr. D’s Plumbing 215.742.3813
Goodman Plumbing 215.278.8456

CHF Mechanical 215.467.1377
Roz’s HVAC 267.252.4779

Adams Carpet Centers 215.425.9700

Greg Harris 267.252.2928

Honeydew Handyman 215.313.6077

Mambo Movers 215.670.9535
Broad Street Movers 215.275.1924
Sultans of Schlep 215.821.8051

LaffCo Painting 484.684.6288
Nick Stafford – Stafford Painting Contractors 215.370.5595
Staging + Interior Design

Lux Living 267.217.3535
Cleaning Services

Clenz Environmentally Friendly Cleaning 215.545.0066
Debra Serota at Sort It Out Philly 610.996.2474
Clear Reflection Cleaning 877.334.7691

Habitat for Humanity Restore 215.739.9300
Philly AIDS Thrift 215.922.3186
Circle Thrift
Gardening + Landscaping

Enliven Planters 484.424.9522
Structural Engineer

Ann Rothmann 610.688.2566
Amy Rivera 215.922.5614
Anthony Scenna 856.346.7111
Joe Graci – Franklin Engineering Inc 610.664.6540
Mold Remediation

Mold Detection & Remediation Specialists 609.457.1134
Pest Control

George Curry at Geo Environmental 215.778.7118
Prodigy Pest Solutions 267.603.1811

*Choosing a vendor is done so at the risk of the homeowner as Real Estate with Heart is not responsible for the quality, performance, or reliability of any of the vendors listed above. We are not compensated by any of these businesses and are listing them based on satisfactory results in the past.