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ATTIC Aims to Solve Your Vintage Hunt Woes


ATTIC Aims to Solve Your Vintage Hunt Woes

At Real Estate with Heart, we know that decorating your new home (or your current one) can be one of the most exciting things on your to do list. But what happens when you’re on the look out for that perfect vintage piece and just don’t know where to start? That’s where the newly launched site ATTIC comes in.

ATTIC launched in Philly earlier this year, and we were so excited when we got the chance to chat with the founder, Tarek Anandan. Tarek took some time out of his day to fill us in on where the inspiration for ATTIC came from, and what he and his team are hoping to do for Philadelphia shop owners.

The inspiration came from personal need. In 2014, Tarek and his wife moved to a much larger space and had a lot more space to fill, but when they started their furniture hunt they realized how difficult it was to find out what was available in all of the vintage shops in their area. ATTIC became their passion project, they knew that they could help small businesses get their products in front of consumers while also indexing the available stock for potential shoppers — and it worked!

ATTIC is based in six cities across the US and pulls data daily from participating retailers, compiling images and pricing details for everything from couches to credenzas. We’ve spent a lot of time perusing what Philly vintage shops have to offer through ATTIC’s database and we have to say, it really streamlines the process.

We love that this idea was born from a genuine goal to help people make their house a home. It doesn’t hurt that Tarek and his team have a true love for the merchandise they feature. He and his wife even found their own dream piece using ATTIC, an vintage coffee table with art deco flair and drawers!