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How to Make Your Home a “Circular Free Property”


How to Make Your Home a “Circular Free Property”

Seeing takeout menus and circulars stuffed into storm doors and jammed into railings is nothing new to most city residents and quite a lot of suburban homeowners. It’s illegal to place these ads in mailboxes, but they quickly get blown away by the wind and strewn all over sidewalks, yards, and streets. However, there is a way to help stop circulars at the source by adding yourself to L&I’s “Non-Delivery” list. You can download a form online here, or call L&I at 215-686-2414 to have a form mailed to your address. Once filled out, you can fax or mail back your completed form to L&I. After this order form is processed, you will receive a “circular free property” decal (sticker), which should be posted at your property visible from the sidewalk.

Vendors can be fined if they continue to deliver circular to your door once you are on the list and your decal is placed on your property by either emailing or faxing a copy or photo of the circular or mailing the actual items to L&I. It’s important that your photo or mailing clearly shows the name and address of the business or phone number. It is important to note that L&I will reference your address on any Code Violation Notices (tickets) that are sent to businesses. If you decide not to authorize L&I to use your address, violators will receive a warning, but not a fine.

Via regular mail:

Department of Licenses and Inspections
Circular Free Property Coordinator
1401 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1180
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Via Fax: 215.686.1443