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Our Top Local Fall Favorites 2018


Our Top Local Fall Favorites 2018

We’re sad to see Summer go, but we’re so excited to welcome Fall — and that means Halloween! That crisp air, soft sweaters, cozy hats, hot drinks, change in colors, pumpkin spice everything, and, well, you get it. Since our team is comprised of Philadelphians from all corners of the city, we wanted to get everyone’s perspective on their local Fall favorites. Here’s what everyone said!

Which neighborhood is your favorite for Trick-or-Treating?

Brea: “Fishtown! Because it’s the only place I’ve been trick-or-treating in about two decades!”

Carrie: “West Philly – Spruce Hill does an amazing Halloween Parade and hosts a phenomenal party that ends on Little Osage. The neighbors go all out on the decorations and there’s tons of food, pops, apple cider, and treats. Plus last year they did a Michael Jackson Flash Mob dance to Thriller. Hope they do it again this year!”

Colleen: “Northern Liberties/Fishtown. TONS of kids, also children from other neighborhoods trick or treat here which makes it extra festive with a sense of community.”

Galit: “I love taking my kids to the 1800-2000 blocks of Delancey Street.”

Thai: “Fishtown – everyone comes out and sit outside on their stoops and have some fun with the kids.”

Danika: “The ‘burbs full candy bars!”

Ashley: “I don’t have kids, so I just buy sale candy on November 1st.”


Where is your favorite spot to grab a hot cider?

Brea: “Johnson’s Corner Farm in New Jersey — and don’t forget to try the pulled pork. AMAZING!”

Carrie: “Linvilla Orchards. A nice escape to a nearby farm where they do hay rides. If you take their Hayride to the Witch’s House it ends with s’mores and hot apple cider!”

Thai: “New Hope – they have fun apple orchards”

Danika: “I like to mull it in my kitchen or go to an orchard.”

Ashley: “My own kitchen. I love mulling my own for hours in a crock pot.”


Favorite pumpkin beer and/or pumpkin spice latte joint?

Brea: “I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to pumpkin beer.”

Colleen: “A farm for pumpkin picking!”

Eliza: “Function Coffee Labs – I don’t know for sure they have pumpkin spice but they do amazing seasonal coffees so I think they MUST have some variation.”

Galit: “I like checking out places like Food & Friends or The Foodery to pick up pumpkin beers. You can make your own 6 packs so you get a variety.”

Thai: “I don’t like pumpkin flavor lol.”

Ashley: “Iron Hill Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale is pretty great. The only pumpkin spice latte I’ve ever liked in Philly is the one at The Gold Standard Cafe in West Philly.”


What is your favorite haunted attraction?

Brea: “I don’t like haunted attractions. I’m in real estate, my life is scary enough already!”

Carrie: “I never been, but Eastern State Penitentiary – Terror Behind the Walls looks killer.”

Colleen: “Front Street Cafe.”

Eliza: “I’m too scared to go to Penitentiary… maybe I’ll try it this year.”

Galit: “I don’t like to be startled so I stay away from anything spooky!”

Thai: “Corn mazes. So scary!”

Danika: “Terror behind the walls”

Ashley: “TERROR BEHIND THE WALLS. Hands down my favorite. I was actually a monster/actor in last year’s haunt!”


Where is your favorite place to get your Halloween costume?

Brea: “Amazon, since I wait to the last minute.”

Carrie: “Amazon – no time to shop elsewhere, eek!”

Colleen: “The interwebs.”

Eliza: “I don’t think I’ve dressed up in Philly – LAME!”

Galit: “I’ve gotten lucky over the years and used costumes from our dress up closet or hand me downs from friends and neighbors.”

Thai: “Masquerade Costume Superstore on Columbus ave.”

Danika: “Goodwill.”

Ashley: “I usually get them from Amazon or my own closet. It’s amazing to see what you can come up with in your own wardrobe.”


What is your favorite event/party dedicated to Fall or Halloween?

Brea: “Pretty much all things fall I am completely here for.”

Carrie: “Penn Alexander does a Fall Fest Fundraiser, which we look forward to each year and the Spruce Hill Halloween Parade.”

Eliza: “MY BIRTHDAY! ;)”

Galit: “We love checking out different Fall festivals – Pumpkin Hunt in Fitler Square, pumpkin decorating at the Grays Ferry TriangleFall Festival at Shot Tower…”

Thai: “Any costume party with my besties!

Danika: “Eagles themed corn maze in Chester County.”

Liz: “Liberti Family Halloween Party @ 2424 Studios.”

Ashley: “Love a good house party.”


Favorite Halloween Candy?

Brea: “ALL THE CANDY. Except Musketeers. They’re just the worst.”

Carrie: “Candy Corn.”

Colleen: “Snickers and Reeses.”

Eliza: “Snickers & Twix.”

Galit: “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Swedish Fish!”

Thai: “Small bite Kit Kats and Reese’s cups.”

Danika: “NOT smarties.”

Liz: “Tootsie Roll Mix!”

Ashley: “Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Always.”


What’s your favorite spooky movie?

Brea: “No.”

Carrie: “Poltergeist.”

Carrie: “Addams Family and Addams Family Values.”

Eliza: “Get Out.”

Thai: “Halloween.”

Liz: “Shaun of the DeadEvil Dead 2.”

Ashley: “Hocus Pocus. Obviously. I do love zombies though.”


Anything else that you love?

Brea: “Literally everything, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

Carrie: “The candy!!!!!!!!”

Eliza: “Homemade Halloween costumes – I love the creativity of making your own costume and/or coming up with something clever that makes people think. Some of my fave homemade costumes were: dice (though not super functional in cardboard box), Ghost Busters and Femme Bots!”

Galit: “We love going pumpkin picking at Linvilla Orchards and carving our pumpkins a few days before Halloween!”

Thai: “I love hiking in Wissahickon Valley Park with my pup and family when the leaves change colors. I also love trench coat weather!”

Danika: “Gritty.”

Liz: “Sweaters! Mulled cider & wine, pies, sitting around a fire, camping…”

Ashley: “I grew up in California, so the leaves changing color here is so breath taking. I love riding my bike on Pine & Spruce Sts in the city or taking a drive up Kelly Drive.”