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Real Estate With Heart’s Holiday Season Favorites


Real Estate With Heart’s Holiday Season Favorites

‘Tis The Season!

Real Estate with Heart loves the holiday season! Here are some of the traditions of our team members!

Where do you get your Christmas tree (if you celebrate Christmas)?

Brea: “My family has been cutting down our tree at a tree farm near where I grew up, and it’s always my favorite day of the year!”

Galit: “I’ve always wanted a Hanukkah Bush but my husband vetoes is every year. This year, I got a tiny, 2 foot tree at Target and decorated it with Star-of-David lights and my girls and I love it!”

Eliza: “I’m embarrassed to admit it but I have a fake table top tree from college that I usually use; Fake trees are a huge Christmas faux-pas in my book but since I already have this one and don’t spend Christmas Day in my house I make an exception… “

Colleen: “Last year we got ours from Washington Ave/Columbus Boulevard. Great selection and much cheaper than the Christmas Tree stand I’ve previously purchased from in NoLibs.”

Liz: “The lot next to the beer distributor on York Street.”


What’s your favorite Christmas and/or Hanukkah tradition?

Brea: “I loved opening one present on Christmas Eve, waiting on the stairs Christmas morning, eating homemade cinnamon rolls, my grandpa reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… now that I have two young children, it’s fun trying to figure out our new traditions!”

Galit: “We go to a few different friends’ houses to decorate their trees. We try to remember to add an ornament each year.”

Eliza: “Baking cookies with my niece & nephew!”

Colleen: “I love Christmas Eve. There’s still something magical about it. We go to my Brother and Sister in laws and this year will likely go to Mass with them as my new niece Arden is playing Baby Jesus in the live Nativity this year haha. “

Liz: “Reveillon with family! One of the only traditions we have from our Quebecois background.”

Danika: “My sister and I order a massive sushi dinner on xmas eve because we are too lazy to make a feast of seven fishes #baditalians.”


When do you usually open presents?

Brea: “Christmas morning and one on Christmas Eve!”

Colleen: “Christmas Morning!”

Liz: “Our family is large and we don’t really exchange presents as a whole anymore. We do love to do a White Elephant sort of thing and we generally do that on the Saturday after Christmas so everyone can be with their in-laws for the official holiday.”

Danika: “On Smithmas, which is whenever all of our immediate fam is available to gather.”


What did you ask Santa for this year?

Brea: “An instapot and a coffee grinder on my never-ending saga to brew the PERFECT cup of magical potion.”

Eliza: “A pair of earrings.”

Colleen: “A full night’s sleep.”

Liz: “Sleep? More free time? A clean house with no necessary repairs needed? (Does this mean I’m officially old?)”

Danika: “Money plz.”


Favorite Holiday Drink? (adult or booze-free)

Brea: “This is weird but I love this 7-Up Sorbet punch we make on Christmas Eve.”

Eliza: “Candy Cane Lane tea from Celestial Seasons.”

Galit: “We always have the Beaujolais Nouveau at Thanksgiving dinner.”

Colleen: “My family calls it “Cathair Punch” but it’s really Holiday punch. Southern Comfort, OJ, Sprite, and cherries. My great uncle who traditionally always hosted Christmas had a LOT of cats, and there may have been some hair in the punch….”

Liz: “LOVE mulled wine.”


Where is your favorite place to volunteer during the holidays?

Brea: “Toy drives, Habitat for Humanity.“

Liz: “Changes every year but I LOVE buying gifts for kids and families in need.”

Danika: “Broad Street Ministry.“


Where’s your favorite place to buy your holiday gifts?

Galit:Momo’s Treehouse has amazing toys and they really know their merchandise!”

Colleen:Minnow Lane in Fishtown. Toile in Fishtown also has nice holiday sets.”

Liz: “Art Shop! Happens every year at 2007 Frankford Ave. Friday, 12/7 from 6-10pm and Saturday, 12/8 from noon to 4pm. Local artisans, artists, crafters, etc. selling awesome stuff.”


Where can we usually find you celebrating New Year’s Eve?

Brea: “Nowhere!”

Eliza: “A yoga studio.”

Galit: “Last year we had a sleepover in the burbs with our friends and their kids – it was so much fun!”

Colleen: “This year will probably be on our sofa will probably be with family and an early night at home with baby.”

Liz: “Some PA state park cabin in the woods!”

Danika: “Doing a jigsaw puzzle inside and going to bed at 12:03.”


Best spot to watch the Mummers Parade?

Brea: “Where else but 2 Street??”

Eliza: “It’s not my jawn.”

Galit: “On TV if at all – too cold! But I do love this Philly tradition!”

Colleen: “2 Street!”

Liz: “TV at a friend’s house! Nice and warm… and all the pee where it’s supposed to be.”

Danika: “My couch.”


And finally, Light or Dark meat?

Brea: “Dark”

Eliza: “Dark”

Galit: “I prefer the sides!”

Colleen: “Light.”

Liz: “Light.”