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Virtual Agent Services


Virtual Agent Services

At Real Estate With Heart, the health and safety of our agents, clients, staff, and the communities where they live, work, and play is our #1 priority. Although these times foster uncertainty, we can all help ourselves and others by continuing to remain calm, positive, and focused on what we can control.

Although real estate is heavily dependent on the tangibles, Compass’ technology provides the opportunity to do everything necessary to support our clients with everyone staying safe at home. It is truly incredible that with Compass tools, we are able to hold virtual home tours for prospective buyers, coordinate digital marketing initiatives for active listings, provide real-time market updates to help our clients stay informed, and relay helpful tips and tricks for productivity as each day passes.

Here’s what we’ve been up to here at Compass to ensure that we stay connected and continue to provide you with impeccable service.

Virtual Open Houses

We have the ability to take a targeted audience on a digital journey through premier properties. Using dynamic, agent-guided video promoted via digital, mobile, and social channels, we can showcase the key features of your property to interested clientele wherever they are.

Interactive Video Showings

With interactive video showings, you can personally take buyers on a virtual journey through a home. More importantly, you can expound on the unique features of the home with each buyer, as if you were walking alongside them. Buyers can easily provide feedback (on their own time) via live video, text, or emoticons that will be shared with you instantly.

Virtual Neighborhood Walks

Buyers and their families can explore new neighborhoods and experience all that communities have to offer with this 360-degree neighborhood video showcase. Imagine buyers enjoying a virtual walk past neighborhood schools, a GoPro bike tour of the adjacent streets, or even a stroll to the nearest shopping center—minus the hustle and bustle of the usual shoppers.

Dynamic Digital Listing Brochures

Home features will come to life with interactive brochures that create a dynamic, immersive experience for even the most discerning of buyers. Pages will turn and videos will play, allowing you to capture real-time data and actionable insights about the home.

Video Mail (V-Mail)

You’ve got mail! With embedded video, you can share captivating videos with your connections with ease. Videos will automatically play when an email is opened so buyers will never miss (or forget) their first interaction with your listing. Not only will you see when they’ve started watching the video, but you’ll also know when they’ve stopped — giving you additional insight about what is capturing buyers’ attention.

Compass Digital Ads for Facebook & Instagram 

While people are spending more time on screens than ever, geo-target your mobile ad campaign to reach buyers through the apps they’re using daily based on their spending power, behaviors, and lifestyle and then retarget them on their desktops or laptops. Or use the Compass Digital Ad tool, where, throughproprietary Compass user data, we will target the perfect audience, design an engaging ad to showcase your listing, and our system optimizes the ad’s performance with constant testing.

Real-time Digital Ad Insights

Once your Facebook and Instagram listing ad is live, you can pull real-time, detailed campaign results in the form of a digital ad report. We hope this tool empowers you to act swiftly to market and sell each listing with confidence.

Live Virtual Events

From virtual cooking demos to fireside chats and game nights, your home could be the backdrop for a variety of virtual events. Potential buyers can join the fun online via Facebook or Instagram Live while being introduced to you, or your listing when allowed, in a subtle, yet impactful way. Viewers will be able to get up-close-and-personal with you as their agent or with the property while imagining the life they could live there.

Enhanced 3D Staging

We’ve partnered with America’s leading virtual staging firms to provide enhanced, 3D staging that combines home staging expertise and high-end design with state-of-the-art virtual staging technology. The result is an upscale and sophisticated visual experience that increases buyer appeal. Each virtual staging is conceptualized, designed, and custom-built to capture the unique essence and beauty of your listing.