Brea Stover


Meet Brea

Relationships are the foundation of Brea’s approach to real estate — relationships with clients, their homes, professional partners, and neighborhoods. She understands the delicate balance between the financial and emotional aspects of buying and selling real estate, and is dedicated both to helping her clients reach their goals and to safeguarding their interests. Pulling from her background in strategic communications, Brea is a tenacious negotiator and advocates tirelessly for her buyers and sellers to ensure a successful and stress-free experience.

Brea recognizes that in order to market a home as effectively and authentically as possible, it is essential to celebrate the nuances of a neighborhood, as well as the home itself. When listing a property, she makes time to visit the local coffee shop, stroll through the park, and immerse herself in the local ambiance in order to fully capture its essence. It is this attention to detail that has produced a fiercely loyal referral and repeat client base for Brea over the years.

A seasoned agent, Brea has completed nearly 150 transactions and totaled more than $50M in volume. She has earned the respect of her peers and established critical professional connections throughout Philadelphia and Delaware Counties, and the Eastern Main Line, her areas of focus. After living in Center City and Fishtown for over a decade, Brea recently made the move to Havertown and has quickly fallen in love with the area. She has been enjoying all that Havertown has to offer, and her two children particularly recommend Freedom Playground and the water wheel at the Grange Estate.